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About me

I have worked in the Movement and Wellbeing world for nearly 20years . My interest in Movement started young, like most kids - using my body as a vessel for finding freedom of expression.

"It's a portal to discover Oneself AND to lose Oneself"

A career in Ballet, with incredible experiences lent its hand in exploring the Body's capabilities and the Power of Mind/Body connection.

Now working as a Pilates and Movement Coach, I am an advocate for listening in, taking your time and enjoying the journey.

"And into the forest I go, To lose my mind And find my soul"

Also a meditation Coach, I prioritise stillness and breath work within my own practice and in my classes. Choosing to Pause once a day can have huge benefits on our overall quality of life.

"Self care is a chance to take your Power back"

If you feel called or curious to work with me then do Get in touch!